10 years on

I am more sure of what I am not, but less and less sure what I am. And yet there is  wisdom from many years of travelling this road. Struggling, failing, highs and lows. That wisdom makes me humble, no longer the naive enthusiasm of youth, but it also shakes my confidence. Who am I to do this, what do I have to offer? And yet it is obvious (now I see it) that these very disqualifications are the qualification to serve. I am not able to serve God because I am strong and gifted, but because I know that I am weak and fallen.

I know something of the gospel, through ten years experience, ten years experience of Grace, of Gods goodness to those who deserve it least, a decade of mercy and forgiveness. I can testify to the emptiness of life without God, and to the work of the spirit drawing me back to himself.


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