I am trying to understand worship.

It seems to go undefined in the Bible. In the New testament it is a given, (eg John 4 – the woman at the well asks ‘where is the place where we must worship? though she clearly has in mind a formal geographical sense of worship). Likewise Satan tempts Jesus to bow down and worship him. Roman 12:1 redefines worship. But clearly there is an established comprehension of worship already in place.

However if I go back to the Old Testament, likewise worship is used but not explained. In Genesis 24 the servant of Abraham worships, in the sense of giving thanks for the providence of God. The next use is Exodus 4:31, the israelites bow down and worship when they hear that the Lord has taken heed of their suffering.

It seems to be an attitude of awe, gratitude, wonder. It is personal and heartfelt – not formal or ritualistic. The NT does not offer patterns of worship, the key thing then surely is the believers attitude to God.

‘The time is coming, when true believers will worship the Father in spirit and in truth’


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