Clicked on Google this morning and saw this. How cool, I think it is my favorite google logo so far. In case you don’t know, it is Frank Lloyd Wright’s house ‘Falling Water’.
FLW is by a distance the most significant US architect of the 20th Century, and represents modernism at its best (and most arrogant) and in a sad but beautiful irony, his house is slowly falling down.


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  1. Howdy Mark,
    I’m impressed with what you wrote here in your this post post. I gave up my search for surf board information and wanted to hang out here on your blog – well done. I might make a blog like yours about surf board, but I wouldn’t try to compete with you. You’re doing a great job Mark.
    You got a great thing going… by friend.

  2. Well Mark, quality blogging comes from people who put the energy into their blog like you have. It was a nice change to land on your blog, lots of others are junked up with useless comments and information. I put a lot of energy into my cheap surf board site, so it does pretty well with cheap surf board stuff. I think I’ll re-create my blog because I like what you’ve done here and want mine to be more like yours. Thanks for the lesson in good bloggin. You get a special bookmark 🙂

    have a fantastic day..

  3. Great post Mark, without blogs like yours I would be miserable and bored. My recent injury has me cooped up at home, so it’s always lucky to find a gem like your blog here to keep me amused. My used surf boards website is getting better but it’s hard to find information on used surf boards stuff, so I like learning from quality blogs like yours because it helps me in my web projects. You do a sweat job my friend. I’ll be bookmarking your site in a special place. Will probably tell a friend too.

    Nice work ~

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