U2 at Twickenham

If I was to choose three bands to see live this year they would probably be the Doves, Athlete and these patriarchs of rock, U2. I got to see all three on a glorious saturday evening in Twickenham, with the vapour trails from Heathrow in a perfect sky overhead. One of few times in my life when I would be nowhere than right there, not even on the jetplane.

Tickets where astonishingly expensive, but I liked this comment by Ian O’Doherty from the Belfast Telegraph

The high prices are hardly U2’s fault, given the way the costs of running a tour have escalated so much in recent years. And Bono’s hectoring exhortations to give more money to Africa and other worthy causes have the added benefit of giving concert-goers the sense that they were at more than just another concert, that they were somehow celebrants in a very 21st century Mass.

It was not only an incredible show, but bono’s interweaving of the issues of the day into the powerful U2 back catalogue was profound. These songs are soundtrack to our lives, and they have the power to move us like little else. I will be having ‘where the streets have no name‘ at my funeral – someone make a note.
The photo is of the moment where the 70,000 strong crowd raised their phones in the air having texted Tony Blair asking him to fight poverty in Africa.
I can’t help but feel that U2 are the greatest worship band the church ever produced, so good that the church couldn’t cope with them.


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