Moleskine Hacking

I recently gave up on trying to find a perfect electronic organizer (believe me – it has been a long journey) and rediscovered the wonders of pen and paper. And not just any pen and paper. Moleskine make the most simple and elegant notebooks around.

Anyway, there is a growing community of moleskine fans and hackers, and I have added my own simple (yet hopefully elegant) hack. It is just a pen holder made out of duct tape, but I was pleased with how it turned out, and it works well. You can see how it is made in excessive detail on my Flickr page.

Lots of feedback on this. It got posted on Moleskinerie and others developed the concept – I liked these coloured versions on Ciderpresshill



2 thoughts on “Moleskine Hacking

  1. Hey Mark,

    Nice job with the pen holding hack. It looks quite effective, and it does not stick out to much. Out of curosity where did you learn to use the words hack and hackers to describe what your doing? In most places I know that word has been approraited to mean stealing information with a computer.

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