Belgium Monastic Retreat

Westvleteren abdij
“We are no brewers. We are monks. We brew beer to be able to afford being monks.”

Just back from an amazing few days in Brugge with Gareth and Ian from Moot and Karen from COTA in Seattle. We were talking and thinking about Monastic traditions. And as part of that we sampled a good few of the 500 types of beer brewed in Belgium. The highlight of which, and and perhaps the finest beer known to humanity is the Westvleteren 12 – so exclusive it is only available in person from the Abbey of St Sixtus (and only 6 bottle each).


2 thoughts on “Belgium Monastic Retreat

  1. Hello anonymous. I love that quote which seems to be from some obscure folk band called The Mammals who describe themselves as ‘Subversive Acoustic Traditionalists’.
    Sorry if I strayed onto your lawn.
    Come to think of it the only lawn I strayed onto was the Monks of Westvleteren who are supposed to be a silent order. Does the posting of blog comments not break the vow?

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