Reflections from Kendal

Asking for help is not a problem, if people are pleased to be asked, and enjoy being involved. Asking for help makes you beholden to people, but being vulnerable deepens relationships. Make a list of good people, and ask them for help. Go places, stay with them, get lifts from the airport, let them feed you. And in return give wisdom and friendship.

Jeremy Jones makes an industry out of pursuing his passion for skiing. He takes people with him, creates an awesome team, and takes talented young skiers to places that they couldn’t go otherwise. And in doing so he makes great films. What does it look like to do the same here?

There is a project in exploring ancient spirituality and embedding it in contemporary culture. Travel around, interview people, learn from the greats, read Benedict etc.

The process is part of the story. It is a mistake to think you need the answers in place before you set off.

Asking good questions is a skill that needs to be developed. And letting people talk, and helping them to reflect on their own stories is a gift to them.

Spending long periods of time in the wilderness doing nothing is a mental and spiritual discipline.

Don’t allow work to be an excuse. Don’t be a victim of your job.

Buy a panda 4×4 and drive to Mongolia. Or do it on a moterbike


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