Empire Building

The networks attract all the young christian leaders, largely because there is no where else to go. Even bright, independently minded christians lack the strength of conviction to go it alone.

There is a need is for a robust anti-brand, an articulation of the integrity of small, local church, connected but not networked. We don’t need to be importing models from the corporate world.  The Tesco model of church leads to bland homogeneity, and the decimation of independents. We need to celebrate the local, and champion diversity.

Tesco use their scale against others. And if the big central church is the Tesco Extra, then we have seen two Tesco Metro and a Sainsbury’s Local open up near us.

If you were to ask people why they shop at these stores they would say because they are convenient, I can get all I need in one place, and they are cheaper. Aggressive price cutting of headline items…

A senior member of Staff in the Diocese of London recently said that the takeover of the network churches was inevitable, and that the parish system was dead. Local parish priests may be horrified to hear that, but the priorities shown by the Diocese over the last decades would back that up.


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