Where the wild things play

We were back in Kendal again for our annual 48 hours of mountain film therapy.  So much great film this year, we rated about our top films and put them in order – and we gave them star ratings this year!


  • Break on Through ***** The wonderful Margo Hays nailing 5.15
  • Weightless ***** Slightly sexist paragliding magic
  • Psycho vertical ***** Andy Kirkpatrick on South Seas A4 Yosemite (trailer).
  • Place of the Gaels ***** Rab take Yanks on a classic Scottish road trip
  • Where The Wild Things Play ***** Great fun short with a kitch 80’s soundtrack
  • Dedicate Diving free **** Freediving with Orca. Wow.
  • Stumped **** (Trailer only)
  • A Line In The Snow *** Greece ski mountaineer
  • In Perpetual Motion *** Underwater filmmaker
  • Adaptation Bangladesh ** Floating Gardens.
  • Coconut Connection*** Belgian Alpine club
  • Fall Impressions *** Art & autumn colour
  • My big white thighs and me *** Swimming and babies.
  • On snow leopard mountain **



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