The Freedom of the Parish

We said goodbye to the wonderful Steve Mawhinney today as he leaves his role as childrens worker and church planter. We presented him with the freedom of the Parish. Go well Steve. You will be missed.

In recognition of his long and esteemed service of the people of this parish, and in grateful thanks to God for his diligence and faithful ministry particularly to generations of our young people, by the decree of the congregations of the Parish of Barnsbury the above mentioned is admitted to the aforesaid freedoms and evidenced in extensive detail in the annals of the Parochial Church Council of the Ecclesiastical Parish of Barnsbury we grant the Freedom of the Parish and all rights associated therewith for the following period to wit the 19th day of November in the 66th year of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II and the year of our Lord 2017. In witness whereof the Seal of the Parish is hereunto affixed dated in the Chambers of the same Parish the Day and year abovesaid.


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